Art of the FoodGasm

Food is no longer just food. And today, more than ever, we’ve come to acknowledge that. Chefs are celebrities, and restaurateurs are renowned. Gastronomic voyeurism is trendy, and meal-tweeting is the norm. Food media is viral. In today’s world, eating is entertainment.

But is it really just about capturing those slothful drips of golden caramel, ooozing down the sides of that crumbly, seven-layer chocolate ganache torta on camera? Vicarious eating is indeed wonderful, but it certainly isn’t everything. Like an amorous affair, surface attraction is key but not enduring. For a true relationship, a shared understanding, a deep connection, is what makes it last. And the same applies to our food.

Real, good food nourishes more than just our bodies. A shared meal, with good food and good friends, leaves us not just stomach-sated but soul-sated. Knowing what we’re eating, how it’s prepared, and where it comes from is the basis of many of today’s back-to-the-earth movements. Slow Food, locavores, fair traders, glocavores, vegans, and endless others have all emerged in recent times as answers to today’s global issues. We need to connect with our food. Indeed, we are what we eat.

Thus, a foodgasm is not just the sole moment in which that indescribably delicious bite goes into your mouth from your fork, enveloping your senses and reaching the depths of your soul with its goodness. Oh, it’s more. After all, what’s empty sex? A true foodgasm is not only succulent, flavorful, toothsome in taste. It’s the story, the soul of that food being transmitted from its creator to yours.

Eat well. Nourish your soul. And watch foodgasmic media that does the same.


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